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Early Pregnancy Scan

This ultrasound scan aims to determine the number of babies present, the expected date of delivery and whether the pregnancy is developing normally inside the womb. This examination may be carried out transabdominally (through the abdomen) or transvaginally (through the vagina).

We ask you to have a full bladder so that a transabdominal scan can be performed first. If we are unable to gain all the information we need from this scan we will ask you to empty your bladder so that a transvaginal scan can be performed.

Why is this scan important?

This scan is important for women who have experienced pain or bleeding in the pregnancy, and useful for those who have history of ectopic pregnancy, are unsure of the date of their last period, have a history of miscarriage or want reassurance.

early pregnancy scan

How much does it cost?


Please note that we are led by a team of highly skilled specialist doctors that offer diagnosis and treatment of complications which may arise in unborn babies. All your scans will be performed by our experienced fetal medicine consultants. We do not offer scans performed by sonographers or fellows. The service we provide by consultants offer screening, diagnosis and management of your pregnancy to the highest standards.


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